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Olly's Arcade & Repro Coin-Op Art Workshop | Game Room Tour #27

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29th May 2023 40 min

Welcome back Arcadians,

This week we visit Olly aka Muddymusic from the Arcade Art shop.

With his amazing collection goes some interesting storys behind the machines he has bought over the years from flood to fire damage.

Join me as we go behind the scenes to see what goes into the restoration and the whole process of pruducing reproduction art for the aracde machines.

👾Arcade Art Shop

Check out and learn about Nintendo’s unreleased arcade game Sky skipper


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Music supplied by Rich the world champion at championship Sprint, down load his music here


00:00 Where we are going?

03:14 Ollys Arcade Tour

10:02 Burnt out Buggy Boy Restoration

17:25 Bubble Bobble World Record

22:35 Atari system 1 Indiana jones Temple of Doom play through

25:48 Olly's Reproduction Arcade Art

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