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11th August 2022 21 min

I’m opening an arcade museum and would love you to join me on this Journey getting it ready for the opening day.

I’ll be picking up many arcade machines and transforming the ground floor into a space that’s fun as well as being a education about the classic era of arcade machines.

I’m going to tell the story from the Bronze Age games right the way through the classic 80s era and into jamma.

It’s going to be amazing sight to behold with the games working and for you to play.

Please follow my journey from the beginning on Neil’s channel and subscribe here

Thanks to OG Duffy for the donations and go check out his channel and subscribe

All my music is available to download and buy from My good friend Richard, The world champion on Atari championship sprint.

Buy here

Thanks to Harry Bolt for his generous donations and check out and subscribe to Harry’s channel for all that Jazz

Thanks for all your support and if you want to help out in anyway please get in touch.

Many thanks Alex

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