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Collecting Archer Maclean's Arcades and Arcade Workshop Parts

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23rd July 2023 12 min

The late Archer Maclean was beloved by gamers for his amazing creations across many platforms. Dropzone, IK+, Jimmy White's Snooker and more are all heralded as classics. Archer was also a keen arcade collector and restorer and I was lucky enough to meet him at expos to discuss our shared passion. Archer sadly passed away in December 2022 at the age of 60.

Today, with the help of Chris Wilkins, we're collecting some items from his arcade workshop which we'll use to restore some of his arcade cabinets which Chris will use at his own expos and also kindly allow us to share at the Arcade Archive museum. There are some incredible things to collect today, let's take a look.

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00:00What have i been up too?

01:18 New space for the repair service

04:07 Building some shelfs for all the Games

06:57 Delving back in to the library of games

08:38 Street fighter

12:41 TMHT

16:22 Spider-Man

19:53 Galaxian Hardware

22:04 Naughty but Nice

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