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Nintendo Sheriff - 44 Years of Gaming with a Gas Knob | Arcade History

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23rd August 2023 23 min

What is Nintendo’s rarest arcade machine? This is certainly a contender, it's Sheriff from 1979.

Its been in my collection 9 years to this month and now takes resident at the Arcade Archive museum for you to play.

In this video we look at the history of this game, my epic road trip, and give it some much needed TLC.

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Come and enjoy a range of classic arcade games in my Arcade Archive museum located in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. Book tickets at

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Keeping these machines alive and making it the best experience for your to enjoy please visit

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👾Music supplied by Rich the world champion at championship Sprint, down load his music here

👾Special thanks to Andy Welburn, Critical Kate, Oliver Moazzezi,Nintendo Memories and Toyo Kenizai for the pictures.


00:00 Introduction to Nintendo's Sheriff

00:34 The Back Story of this Nintendo Sheriff

01:19 History of Nintendo Sheriff

03:13 The Start of my Collection

03:55 An Epic Road Trip

06:45 Sourcing Original Arcade Parts

08:05 Different Versions of Nintendo's Sheriff

10:08 Taking Sheriff to Gaming Expos

10:50 Restoring Nintendo's Sheriff

15:10 What's Inside the Cabinet?

17:55 Nintendo Sheriff Gameplay

21:06 The Legacy of Nintendo's Sheriff

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